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Who's the Trout

Finding spark in Every Soul

URBAN TROUT is a forward thinking, independent music label, offering comprehensive label services and sync agency expertise. With our main base in Paris, an underground studio in Berlin, and expansion plans in Dakar, we're shaping the future of the industry. Our primary goal is to promote safe and healthy practices while championing originality in music creation. What distinguishes URBAN TROUT is our dedication to nurturing talent and facilitating collaboration. We believe in creating a supportive environment where artists, producers, and publishers can thrive. Our label is built on the principle of mutual empowerment, ensuring that everyone involved can reach their full potential.

One of our core values is embracing diversity and cross cultural exchange. By integrating a variety of influences from around the world, we're able to produce music that pushes boundaries and resonates with audiences globally. At URBAN TROUT, we're not just making music; we're shaping a cultural movement that celebrates creativity, self discovery, Wellbeing, and inclusivity.

Who feed the Trout ?

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